How to Sell with Oferteo

With Oferteo’s assistance you can easily obtain new jobs and orders at minimum time and money inputs, both from companies and from persons seeking the service or product offered by you at any time. It is for you to decide when, how many and which Customers you wish to handle. At all times you can count on the assistance of your Oferteo advisor.

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Jak prodávat s Oferteo

How to order and buy with Oferteo

Oferteo will help you free of charge to obtain effortlessly bids from a few/several companies that offer precisely what you are looking for. All you need to do is to fill in a simple from, in which you outline the features of the sought service or product. Our consultants will find especially for you appropriate contractors or suppliers from your region that best meet your requirements. The interested companies will submit offers to you, and you will have a choice to find the one that is most tailored to your needs!

Jak poptávat a nakupovat s Oferteo

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