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  • X-Designs

    • Bronkhorstspruit
    • 2 months on the market

    Architectural House Plan & Council Submission X-Designs offers comprehensive architectural RESIDENTIAL projects and runs since 1996 chiefly on private/state-owned residence and construction sector and works both locally and provincially and as well provides services neighbouring countries. Professionally drawing all your residential building plan needs, I specialise in the RESIDENTIAL sector (including local council submissions for house plan approval) as follows: - - Designing of new houses (residential and complex unit proposals) - Extensions (extend a lounge, etc.) - Additions (add bathroom, garages or roofed patios, etc.) - Alterations (convert into granny cottages, etc.) - Illegal Building Approvals (resolved) - As-Built Plans: • Drawn up off original plans (previously approved or non-approval) • Physical building sites for selling/transferring of property - Outdoor and indoor pools: various designs of your choice - Drawn up report and calculation on ‘Energy Efficiency in Buildings Compliance’ - Low-risk industrial storage/warehouse and factory - Preparing SANS XA Calculations & Reports Licensed SACAP Registration SAIAT Membership Certified B-BBEE Contributor. Motto: “The right draughting makes all the difference.”

  • Dr Katherine York

    • Greenacres
    • 1 years on the market

    Port Elizabeth’s premier skin and hair clinic. Dr Katherine York is a Dermatologist and Hair specialist located in Port Elizabeth. She caters for bot...

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