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  • Casuarina wood for sale in large quantities

  • IL Sand Logistics CC offers a vast range of services that extend across a wide scope of the Building and Construction Industry’s needs. We have been in business for 14 years and are a BEE level 4 Exempted Micro Enterprise. We especially pride ourselves on the integrity and competence of our employees and their continued dedication. We specialise in Waste Removal Services that conform to environmentally sound Waste Management practices. Our Team has significant experience in solving problems and creating support infrastructures, even in the harshest Environments, specifically where the more technical expertise of Waste removal and disposal services form an inevitably part of any Project’s deliverables. If in doubt, we shall advise you accordingly, offer solutions and discuss any other apparent problems such as site accessibility, delivery or collection times or any Health and Safety or Environmental concerns you may have. I L Sand Logistics also provide Building Material for Construction and Renovation Projects, in and around Cape Town, which we deliver directly to our Clients building site. Materials are supplied in bags when smaller quantities are needed and for large quantities, we supply 1.5, 3, 6 or 10m3 tipper truck loads. We also hire out Construction Plant and Equipment and offer Demolition Services where we provide a labour team with experienced and trained workers to help get the job done in no time at all. Our competitive rates ensure that our Customers get value for their money and as no Customer’s needs are the same, we are flexible in order to achieve the best desirable outcome, every time, and every step of the way. The business approach toward everyone we encounter, based upon trust, honesty, efficiency, and deliberative communication, is imperative for our Customers and we guarantee a quality and less expensive service than our larger competitors guarantee, and still offer the same level of expertise and advice. No doubt, some of the major factors that count positively in this line of business are competence, good relationship management, and timely service delivery. Please feel free to call us for your Demolition, Building Materials and for any Waste Management needs you may have, or to schedule an appointment when convenient for you.

  • Miteserve Carriers

    • Aliwal North

    We are a transport and logistics company based in Aliwal North looking for loads to anywhere in South Africa

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